Fashion and Design Jobs

If you are specialized in fashion, chances of you to get employed are very high. There are numerous design jobs around the world, even if it does not mean setting up your own clothing line. People who are expertise in fashion industry to be employed or get jobs as:

Head of Designer
Getting a position as a head or chief designer in a certain company is not hard. There are very many companies around the world searching for qualified designers to mentor and give special instructions in their organizations.

Fashion designers are usually very good in styling. They spend most of their time pairing the cloth they make with makeup, hair and accessories. This really helps them in progressing in their careers and can lead them into getting employed in various companies as stylist to give advices on how one can give complete a look.

This is as well in the category of fashion jobs. Fashion designers can also take jobs as consultants, by working intimately with related companies, to keep them aware of new styles and methods. This is one way they can earn money without even been permanently employed.

A fashion designer, who has knowledge in journalism, can be paid by a certain company to share his or her skills and advices as a style or editor for a printing or web magazine.

Owner of a boutique
Most newbie professionals prefer opening and managing their boutiques. This is another way of earning money through this career. They choose to design and sell their own clothes to local retailers or consumers. Other open fashion and design boutique to give other designers a chance to offer their clothes for selling or display.


When one is employed in clothing company as a fashion designer, or when that person opens his or her boutique, he or she is entitled to the following duties;


Fashion designers select marketing their own designs at fashion and trade shows. This is one method of advertisement and by doing so; many retailers place their orders on anything they want.

Choosing materials

Most designers pay visits to several fabric manufacturing companies or trade shows to decide and select the best fabric and patterns to use for making their preliminary designs out of them. While doing so, they note down all types of fabric they came across, and what is the best one to use for making a certain design.

Fashions and design jobs can only be helpful to a person who is good in draping, pattern making, have fashion and design experience and able to find the best geographical sites, to sell their designs. Those are just some few requirements for any person who is planning to get entry to any fashion and design Company but they are just a few but to mention.

How to Find Grants to Pay Off College Loans

It is no shock that everyday students who did their best in high school are looking to pick a college, get a better education and get a great paying job that will help them become more productive in life and society. Just log onto any social media outlet and you will see that more and more students are looking into a college education. It seems that doing good in school is not enough these days. More and more students are struggling to earn their college degree. Why? Because every student knows that once you graduate from a university with a major, you have a better chance of getting a higher pay rate and a better job. Just ask anyone who has been through the experience of going to college and you will soon realize that it can be fun and a challenge all wrapped up into one. However, upon further review you will notice that the university life is a costly life style and many students are turning to a sugar daddy to help pay off their student loans. Think of it like having a super rich daddy figure who is willing to give you an allowance to help you make ends meet.

Working at a place like Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) or facilities like CHOP does not come without a cost. Thomas Jefferson University has an amazing nursing program. Having said that, many of the young college students need a sugar daddy to help pay for their student loans. Every student’s first goal is to advance in life and get a successful education. Many never give thought to all of the costs that are associated with life at the university. This is where having a sugar daddy can help. A sugar daddy is someone who is willing to adopt a student, often called a sugar baby. This whole relationship between a sugar baby and her sugar daddy is a special one. This relationship is beneficial for both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby. As the student furthers their education, there are many costs. Things like tuition, housing, entertainment, food and the cost of books goes up every year. As a college student trying to find all of these funds and repaying student loans becomes stressful. A sugar daddy can provide an allowance that will help to pay the bills and keep food on the table while the student does their homework. Everyone knows that student debt can remain for years after graduation.

It’s a shame that so many people work hard to graduate from the university and once they do, they are surrounded with massive debt that will follow them for many years to come. The good news is that many sugar daddy, father figure types are stepping up to the plate and helping payoff student loans.

Think of it like a catalog shopping, scholarship program if you will, with one major difference. The customer service that the sugar baby offers to the sugar daddy, combine with the incentive and customer rewards programs are amazing. Being a sugar daddy has some major perks. First, the relationship between the two people who are seeking arrangements, puts everything on level ground. This is a relationship where the terms can be outlined at the start and followed through. This leaves both parties without expectations because they already understand what their terms are. This takes away all the stress and allows both people to enjoy the relationship.

Just like any relationship, when stress is taken out of the picture, the relationship flourishes. It is like when you take the stress out of any situation, things get better. For example, when the sugar daddy enters the life of the sugar baby and starts to pay off the student loans, the stress goes away and the university student can concentrate on getting good grades.

The cost of living both during your university years and after you find a good paying job are staggering. One of the greatest things you can do to help a college student is to take away some of their financial pain. Being able to help a student with their student loans is a great feeling. As you might know, so many university students struggle with their bills each and every month. Often they have to pay for books and supplies and food goes on the back burner. As a student there are many things being accomplished and the help and support of a sugar daddy is very helpful to the over all well being of the student.

Living in the dorm or near by the college is not always what it is cracked up to be and having an older uncle or daddy figure to spend time with can be a blessing. This relationship is drama free and there is the feeling of no strings being attached because everything is outlined upfront.

The possibilities are endless, just like the imagination of the inner child. The terms of the relationship are open to discussion between the two people who are seeking arrangements. This is one thing that both people seem to enjoy, the freedom to be in control of their own relationship. This is how all adults should live. The relationship established between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby helps the university student to learn many life lessons. Things like time management, being on a budget and more are all part of the relationship. In the modern world, everyone is doing their best to maintain a beneficial relationship that is mutually rewarding.

There are many times when the bond between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is formed so strong that these two people stay close friends for life, doing things with one another, long after university life is over and the student loans have been paid. Again, this relationship is free from the drama and stress associated with other types of relationships and the two people can work on the relationship itself.

Arrangements of this type are able to offer something for everyone. Together the people who are seeking arrangements, once established, can have fun and make the most of life. As with every relationship, communication is the heart and soul, the very bloodline of this relationship. Together the sugar couple share every aspect if their life or, as many as they are comfortable with. It’s whatever the relationship allows for and in most cases, it’s a lot. Let’s face it, no sugar daddy starts a relationship with a sugar baby just because he wants to pay her bills, however, he doesn’t mind giving her money to pay her student loans and other things she needs. He understands that it feels good to be able to help and there are many benefits to being her sugar daddy.

Often daddy is there to help a sugar baby when there is no one else. All hours of the night or during the wee hours of the morning, a baby can always count on daddy for stimulating conversation and so much more. Daddy is ready to listen and give advice to his sugar baby regardless of what is going on in her life. Just because there is no stress in the relationship between daddy and baby does not mean there isn’t other forms of stress that they will each deal with. The good news is, they are there for each other and will listen to each other and each person in the relationship will be there to help the other person relieve stress. That is why these relationships are well sought after and work very well for so many people.

Six Worst College Majors for 2017 and Future Employment

The astronomical cost of college today makes finding an appropriate major even more important. Making the most of your college education is vital to your career success. While finding something you love is a blessing, being open-minded about the job market and employment opportunities is mandatory.

With student loan debt rising every year, our college students need to be very careful how they spend their money for education. Your ultimate goal upon graduation is to find a career and job that makes you happy and allows you to make a decent living.

Parents need to help their high school students investigate the career opportunities that will be available after they graduate. Before making your final decision on which college major to pursue, you need to evaluate the pros and cons of your desired field of study. The end result is that students will make better decisions about what their future holds.

Here are six college majors with limited opportunity for employment upon graduation:

1. Religion: Traditional colleges are not the road to take if you are looking to devote your life to religion. Most religious careers have low-income potential and provide great self-satisfaction rewards for the right candidate. If this is the career path that you want to pursue, speak with your local priests, bishops, ministers or rabbi. They can steer you along a path that will most likely cost nothing and provide the guidance that you are looking for.

2. English Literature: While literature is a wonderful way to enjoy your free time, it may not be the best career path in today’s job market. It can help you build some great skills, but in the real world, you will be overlooked for others with a more diverse set of business, computer or technical training. Careers in this area are very low paying and would not help pay your student loans that were incurred during your education.

3. Anthropology: Very few opportunities exist for recent graduates in this field and over the coming years, there will be even less. While this may be an interesting and enjoyable hobby form many individuals, it is not a promising career alternative. Something in the medical sciences would be a better alternative and provide many different avenues for career advancement.

4. Fine Arts or Photography: Being an artist or photographer is a wonderful talent and can be enjoyable to envision your final work. But the reality is that careers in this area are not very profitable or plentiful. With the advent of great cell phone cameras and sophisticated, easy to use editing programs, digital arts and photography have become simple for the average person to get great results.

5. Music: If you are talented and focused, you will be successful. Normally that is true, but careers in music are very hard to come by. They success rates are similar to those of professional athletes. Many great voices, many great musical minds are left behind as only the top 1% actually make a reasonable living in this field. It can be a great side job or hobby, but if you are planning to make it a career, it will be a bumpy road.

6. Exercise Science: For those considering this major, please re-consider. Your employment opportunities are no better than if you were an athlete in high school looking for a job at a gym or being a personal trainer. Pay scale is generally low and there are no specific jobs that require this degree for employment.

Summary: These six majors offer less than desirable potential for jobs upon graduation. Be mindful of your need to earn a living as well as pursue a passion. Unless you are independently wealthy and do not need to work, the cost of your education would be better spent building an enjoyable and prosperous career.


Keith Maderer has been a Financial, Investment and Tax professional in the Buffalo-Niagara region for over 30 years. He helps individuals and families by providing Simple Solutions to common problems that get in the way of enjoying life and retirement.

He is an author, an entertaining and humorous speaker that enjoys captivating audiences with stories, anecdotes and messages that inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals.

Fashion and Teenagers

The Teenage Years represent the transition period into adulthood. Teens start to develop their independence and unique opinions about life’s issues. The fashion trend has changed quite a bit from the days when Indians set up tents in the United States of America. When it comes to shopping, teens like to choose their own clothes and fashions at this time of their life. Sometimes teens and parents agree which clothes to purchase, sometimes they disagree.

Teenage years may be called “Acne Years”. These years can turn into nightmares which many times continue into adulthood. Many products are available without bringing the desired results. We have the products that will eliminate these nightmares.

Helpful in developing identity

Some teen fashion statements are going to be crazy but they might be bearable. If you come upon something that actually covers them, make sure you give them a good eye roll. That might encourage them to wear that style. You might think it looks funny, but at least they are covered. That should be your main concern. You can lay down the law when you see teen fashion that seems to be too revealing, but you may be encouraging them in that direction.

Though teen fashion comes and goes and you can expect the main purpose of these fashions is to make sure they dress nothing like their parents. Teens have a strong need to set their own style, and figure out what their own identity is aside from their parents. That’s a perfectly normal part of growing up, and if a parent does not roll their eyes just a little when the see teen fashions, those teens are going to be confused and they may try something else. That might be a good thing to keep in mind.

Teens have a greater selection of clothes than ever. From running pants and bottoms and outerwear, juniors styles, and jeans, teen clothing and active wear is a great way to live your youth.

How to Keep Student Loans Under Control

Here’s a new one. One of our neighbor’s daughters (Annie) is about to head off to a college that believes that student loans are bad, so they don’t offer them!!! While I can cheer that college on for their decision, it unfortunately forces those students who need loans, to obtain them from private channels, rather than from FedLoans. This poses a significant risk for the college students for several reasons. I’ll talk about private loans first.

Private Student Loans (PSL)

According to Student Loan Borrower Assistance (dot) org, “In theory, private student loans are used to fill the gap between available federal aid, and what students and families can afford to pay out-of-pocket for college costs. In practice, unfortunately, many borrowers take out these higher cost loans without first exhausting their federal student assistance options.” PSLs lack the more affordable, fixed rates, and flexible repayment options that federal loans have. Prospective borrowers should exhaust federal grant and loan options before considering a private student loan.

So, Annie’s college is denying their students with an affordable means of obtaining financing for college by not providing federal student aid options for their students. PSLs should only be taken as a LAST RESORT, only after all other options for scholarships, grants, and federal loans are taken.

Interest will start to accrue the moment you take these loans out; there is no “in school” deferment on interest for private loans. So, the amount you borrow today, will grow while you’re in school and you’ll owe much more after graduation, if you don’t start repayment immediately. So many folks have a sticker shock after graduation when they get the bill with all that amortized interest tacked on to these pesky loans.

The good news about PSLs is that outside of bankruptcy, these loans are treated like any other credit card debt. This means that the creditors have a limited amount of time in which they can collect on the debt, also known as a Statute of Limitations (SOL). Each state has its own SOL laws, in California, creditors have Four (4) years to collect on a debt upon a written contract; and Six (6) years, if the contract is a Promissory Note.

Federal Student Loans (FSL)

There are several types of federal student loans, depending upon the type of education, school, and options available based on credit worthiness. The most important part to understand is when does the interest begin to accrue.

Subsidized SLs are the absolute BEST option for your education financing because these loans are (1) interest FREE while you’re in school; and (2) repayment does not begin until Six (6) months after you last attended school. Unsubsidized SLs, on the other hand, begin to accrue interest while in school, similar to the private loans.

By now you’ve probably heard about the various types of repayment programs for SLs. However, payment plans, like graduated, extended, and income based or income contingent repayment plan are only available for federal student loans, not private.

Keep Student Loans Under Control by:

Choose the direction of your life first and determine whether you even need a college degree to achieve your goals. Some of histories great leaders and achievers are college dropouts!

1. Exhaust all other student aid resources such as scholarships, grants, education savings plans (529 savings) first.

2. WORK! Your parents, and myself included, likely worked a job while attending college. My husband took no loans for his education and worked several jobs during the summer months to save for his next year’s tuition. Hard work always pays off and you might as well get used to working hard for what you want.

3. If you must take out a student loan, take SUBSIDIZED federal student loans first. Remember that these loans are interest free during school, and take six months after graduation before they become due. Next, take a federal unsubsidized, then private loans. ONLY BORROW WHAT YOU NEED, NOT THE MAXIMUM OFFERED.

4. After graduation, you’ll have that six month grace period to consolidate your federal student loans and determine what payment plan you can afford. You cannot turn a private student loan into a federal student loan EVER, and why would you after the distinctions made above? ProTip: You can consolidate these loans on your own and don’t need to hire anyone to help. You have a college degree, figure it out. These companies did not exist “back in my day!”

I’m starting to see the younger generation coming into my office for consultations on student loans because they over indulged on credit and enjoyed their college years with nothing to show for it, but unemployment and mountains of debt!

The Law Office of Christine A. Kingston is a Federal Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code. Our practice is limited to Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcies, student loans and debt settlement.

Dog Collars – Fashion and Safety Tips

Dog collars are usually more than beneficial items for your canine, as they can usually be ornamental as well. There are numerous shades, lengths, materials, designs, and prints that each dog may have a spot to secure not only her id tag, but also an attachment for any lead when needed, plus the capability to produce a style statement. It doesn’t matter what the season, as well as time of day, the actual dog collar and associated accessories you dress your pet in will certainly showcase your fashion sense, as well as practicality.

Should you get a dog collar for your own family pet you will need a coordinating lead, and these are usually marketed alongside of the particular collars. An additional product that both you and your pet dog can use is a customized dog collar. They are generally in custom made designs, and you can have a dog collar for every time of year. You can even find collars for dogs to be used at Christmas time, Halloween, Easter, and also July 4th! Several collars for dogs are manufactured by hand, while others are incredibly durable as well as low-priced. Each and every dog owner commonly has a number of accessories for their dogs, and why not?

Do not buy a collar and hope it will fit. Your dog could be young or old, energetic or even inactive, prone to allergy symptoms, big or small and very furry, or almost hairless. Try and take your pet with you whenever you go to purchase a collar – or if buying on the web, examine your options carefully. Have in mind the circumference of your dog’s neck and you could determine that with a material tape measure (very carefully). Always check the level of smoothness of a dog collar you’ve ordered before putting it on your own dog’s neck. Ensure by running your own hand over it that there is nothing on the interior that could irritate your own dog.

To go along with your collar, you must determine the kind of leash you’d desire. Some individuals like the old standby – a straight bit of natural leather or nylon material that’s long enough to manage your dog, but that allows for some flexibility to sniff what’s moving by in your stroll. If you’ve purchased a variable dog collar, ensure that it won’t slide right off your own dog’s neck! Many people enjoy leashes that wind up in a round casing. Any time while exercising your pet all that you should do is hold onto the actual handle and either permit your dog have more lead, or retract it if required.

Dog collars along with additional equipment for our companions can be both useful as well as fashionable and you don’t have to make a painful choice. Make absolutely certain that what you buy fits the dog, whether it’s a Chihuahua or a St. Bernard, a Dachshund or perhaps a Great Dane, or a Jack Russell, Corgi, or even Dalmatian. Do your very best for your canine pals, in any manner it is possible to, and they will repay you sevenfold.

What You Should Know About The Latest Fashions And Styles For Workplace Clothing

Are you trying to get ready for a new job or do you always try and look stylish for work? If you do and are trying to look good for work then you need to keep up with fashion, and what it has to offer these days. One of the many different ways you can get fashionable today is by subscribing to fashion magazines and other things as well. A lot of fashion magazines can be bought for only a few dollars. If you like the idea of getting fashion magazines you might want to flip through one before you subscribe. Although a lot of fashion magazines have a section that talks about work fashion some and most don’t. However if you do find an issuer that does then you may want to get a subscription and try and make the best of your style.

One more way you can go about finding fashion in your workplace is through the internet. On the internet there is a lot of knowledge that you can gain from reading the free articles like you are reading right now. These resources can be of help especially if you can’t find the help anywhere else. Since you are looking for workplace fashions you might need to go to advanced search options and search for exactly what it is you are looking for.

You also may be able to find new fashions through the TV. As fashions goes on each day it is very easy to find on the TV you can even find channels dedicated just to fashion and you might even find the type of fashion you are looking for. With all the channels we have now there are some that have fashion related shows 24-7.

The last way that you will most likely be able to find your fashion will be to just go shopping. If you choose to do this you may find more online in the store you are looking than the same store in the mall mainly because the main products will be advertised on the website instead of the store. You will also most likely find slot more online than you will in the mall. There will be a lot more to offer than going to the mall and you might even get rebates from shopping online with the same brand.

As you can tell you have many different options you can choose when it comes to finding and locating fashion to go to work in. Just remember you will also see that there is a lot of fashion out there and just because you find something you like and that you think will suit you it might not be the fashion for you. So go out and find the fashion for you in your workplace today.

The Secret About Fashion And You – Why Buy New When The Old Will Do

What does the word trendy mean in relation to fashion? Well simply answered, trendy means more up to date with what clothes/Jewelry you wear, more so than that of the person who chooses to snub in adorning themselves in latest fashion gear. In a nutshell: if dressed from head to toe in new designs from Paris, Italy or London along with jewellery pieces of recent design – then you may be referred to by an onlooker as being trendy.

However, keeping up with what is in fashion can leave you penniless because, most trendy designer labels come with a price tag that a fashion manic can ill afford. However, it is the uncontrollable urge to have those trendy clothes that hang on a boutique rail in the high street – that has you “the consumer” ignoring the warning signs of going overdrawn with your bank.

To overcome this and still have money in your pocket is to set your own trend or style. Become a trend setter in your own right. Personalize those outfits hanging in the wardrobe collecting dust. Why buy new when the old will do. Think about it e.g. if you have garments hanging in the closet after a lengthy period of time is enough to tell you, that you are still attached to that little number (dress or frock).
If you feel the garment is past its sell by date (stale) then refresh it. (Wash or dry clean). Clothing is easily altered to appear fashionable and trendy

Colour coded material and accessories is, the key to what fashion is all about, but more importantly “you”, meaning: if you dislike the new updates on style, don`t wear them. Remember no one is out to pass judgement on the clothes you wear, however in saying that, if you follow designer fashion traits which do not compliment your shape or size then you may be faced with the possibility on being judged for looking hideous. (Fashion Freak)

Remember in the world of fashion “What goes around comes around” For example: your clothes hanging in the cupboard were once trendy garments bearing a designer label at the time of purchase, so more the reason to take advantage – before repeat designs from the 1960s are created for the twentieth century at a price you can ill afford.

Make the shawl trendy and fashionable.

A shawl/shoulder wrap can liven up a plain sleeveless dress secured with a brooch/ornamental jewellery pin. Elbow draped shawls can be kept in place over the arms with bangles or bracelets. Concentrate on the shawl – and to where the jewellery clasp is to rest. (Nape of the neck – on the shoulder or clipped at the front) Personal preference prevails here. Two shawls (of light material) interwoven together in different shades is fashionable and trendy. You can always remove one shoulder wrap leaving you with what would appear to onlookers or admirers as another outfit. .Carry extra pieces of Jewelry in your handbag to claim yet another image.

Be creative in thought, creativity results in trendy fashion gear. Make sure to jot down your ideas and conjure up images in your head and work from there. Low cut dresses can be smartened up with trendy fashionable neck decorations, i.e. shoe laces which come in different colours size and length, tie them in thin bows – plait them or even thread beads or pearls onto them. You can match the neckwear you have designed with wrist/ankle tie ups. This is more cost affective than buying expensive ribbons or chokers.

The true feminine look in trendy fashion gear is the presence of head wear (Millinery hats). Save money: remove a shoulder pad from an old dress or jacket and cover in material of your choosing. Lace is a fine choice. Weave pearls, beads or buttons in and out of the lace or loop them around the edge. Sequins work well to. Have the lace cover the eyes or scrunch/fold it up on top of the padding. Take your time and you will be surprised at the result. Secure with hair grips.

Regardless of what you wear, whether it is new trendy fashion gear or not, your own choice will leave you feeling like a million dollars. Fashion is about you; remember those famous words “It suits the wearer not the starer”. Now go out and knock them dead with your very own trend and let them stare all they want. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Let the beholder be YOU